Police bodyslam 80 year old African American woman.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Posted by Brooklyn1919

"In the video this elderly woman named Virginia Dodson reportedly of 84 years old is standing in a parking lot and holding a knife. The reason for holding the knife was that Dodson's daughter left her in her car while she went back into the store. The elder Dodson, an Alzheimer's Patient, got scared because she was alone and cut herself out of the car seat belt, then got out of the automobile in search of her daughter.

Some young people had talked to Virginia in such a way that she brandished the knife. In turn they called 911. When the police officer arrived she walked up to Dodson and after asking her to drop the knife, violently slammed her to the ground."

Now that you have the facts, what if this was your grandmother, mother, great aunt?
You telling me that they couldn't snatch a knife away from an old lady who has her other hand on a CANE??? Wow, some policeman are getting dumber by the day. I work in the mental health field so I understand about taking precautions. However, there is one thing that we must--MUST--do: Do not harm others. Was this lady possibly a harm to herself, definitely. To others? Well, looking at her physical restraints, I don't think she is a huge threat. I can't help to feel that could have been handled in another way. Now, what if this lady died? What if she suffers more damage with her Alzheimer's. Feel like hero now, 5-0? I hope you have your resolve because I'm sure you shaved 15 years off of the lives of that old woman's relatives. Way to go...


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